With a drop of a fluid, Sensip-dx measures the presence and the concentration of that micro particle

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Sensip-dx uses imprinted polymers to capture specific micro-particles and measures with thermal technology the presence and concentration of it.

01/ FAST

Within a few minutes after loading the sample, the Sensip-dx device will inform you about the presence and concentration of the micro-particle. Within seconds a new capsule can be loaded for the next measurement.


Above a certain threshold the Sensip-dx technology is proven to be specific and reliable. 

The Sensip-dx device is solidly build and does not need a conditioned or laboratory environment to function well. 

03/ EASY

Just load the specific capsule for a micro-particle to be detected on the Sensip-dx device and drip the fluid in it. Active interfaces integrate the Sensip-dx application in your infrastructure.



Value Drivers


The size and weight of the Sensip-dx device will be comparable to 3 stacked mobile phones for the 1 sample 1 meassurement device and to a book for the 1 sample 5 measurements version.


Given the accurate fast results on the spot, the laboratory is next to your processes. Earlier and more frequent measuring, can increase the agility and added value of your processes.


By changing the capsule the Sensip-dx measurements device changes from a device measuring e.g. neurotransmitters in blood to measuring vitamine content in food.