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Meet our team

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Jaap Drenth


Jaap Drenth is co-founder of Sensip-dx. He holds a Master in Business Economics and in Information Sciences and a postdoc in Business Controlling. Jaap made a career in connecting business economics and facts to daily operations and strategy formulation and implementation. He worked at DSM, Hoechst and served many years as interim manager in large corporations. He founded several companies in consultancy and manufacturing. Jaap enjoys starting new ventures more than managing a going concern.

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Nello Formisano

Technical Manager

Nello is a biomedical engineer by training with a strong set of interdisciplinary skills. After receiving his Ph.D. for investigating biosensors at the University of Bath, Nello worked in several research fields such as regenerative medicine, biofabrication, and developmental biology. Nello also built experience working in small biomedical companies. His current ambition is to strengthen the Sensip-dx technology and bring its product to the market..

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Bas Heitzer

Product Engineer

Bas holds a Master’s degree in bio-based materials. He is a self-driven team player with a strong passion for science and innovation. His expertise across biomaterials, biotechnology, and molecular biology fields will be crucial for the development of Sensip-dx products.

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Rik Theunissen

Product Developer

Rick specialized in mechatronics, product design and applied technologies graduating from Universiteit Twente, Enschede. Prior joining Sensip-dx, Rik worked and founded companies focused on the development of high-tech products, which allowed him to complement his expertise with 3D printing technologies and workflow optimization. Rick’s vision focuses on strategic planning and end-user requirements.

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Ewa Zywiolek

Lab Technician

Ewa Zywiolek received a BSc degree in biotechnology and graduated as MSc in Food nutrition. During and after her studies, Ewa gained a lot of experience in microbiology and bio-lab techniques, which make her a valuable asset to Sensip-dx for deploying various strains of pathogen bacteria and benchmark the Sensip-dx Technology.

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Andrei Irlweg

Junior Chemist

Andrei Irlweg holds a BSc in chemistry and is a MSc student at the University of Eindhoven where he works on his thesis investigating the curing of polymers with electron beams. Andrei is employed for 40 % of his time at Sensip-dx where he fills in the knowledge gap in chemistry and executes most of the chemical driven research topics.

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