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The Sensip-dx device can measure a variety of micro-particles in different fluids just by loading the right capsule: e.g. bacteria in blood, protein in urine, toxic molecule in water, et cetera.  


Researchers of the Faculty Science and Engineering of the University of Maastricht have discovered and patented a technology to detect micro-particles in fluids: Bacteria, Viruses, Antibodies, Residues of antibiotics, Neurotransmitters, Proteins, Vitamins, Flavors, Contaminations in process industry, et cetera. 


Sensip-dx will bring this  to the market. 


Application areas: 

  • Chemical process industry (contamination).

  • Food processing industry.

  • Health: preventative and diagnostic.

  • Home diagnostics.

  • Veterinary .

  • Water treatment.

  • DNA diagnostics.


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