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The Sensip-dx device can measure a variety of micro-particles in different fluids just by loading the right capsule: e.g. bacteria in blood, protein in urine, toxic molecule in water, et cetera.


Sensip-dx first Focus is on the Food industry, mainly detecting bacteria and molecules in food products.

Sensip-dx will first replace the tests after possible pre-enrichment and later also shorten the pre-enrichment phase. Sample taking and preparation is outside of the Sensip-dx scope.


The Sensip-dx team turns the mature Technology developed by the University Maastricht into robust product to function next to the production lines and operated by untrained staff. Fast results will increase the value added during the food production.

Our advisory board


Prof. Dr. Thomas Cleij

Thomas is co-inventor of the Sensip-dx technology and co-founder of Sensip-dx. Thomas holds a PhD in in polymeric materials science (Utrecht University). After a career at the Louisiana State University (USA) and Hasselt University (Belgium),  Thomas was the driving force behind the development of the Maastricht Science Programme at the Maastricht University, which grew into the new Faculty of Science and Engineering.  Thomas is currently Dean of this faculty. He holds a chair in Nano(Bio)Technology and Bio-Electronics, focusing on the combination and interplay of novel functional polymeric materials and advanced applications in the life sciences, and leads the Sensor Engineering Research Group.

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Dr. Bart van Grinsven

Bart is  co-inventor of the Sensip-dx technology. Bart holds a PhD in Physics and is specialized in bioelectronics and nanotechnology. He has a career in this field at TNO and the BIO Sensor group of Hasselt University. After his move to  University, he has been one of the driving forces behind the the Sensor Engineering Research Group as part of the new Faculty of Science and Engineering at Maastricht University. Currently, Bart holds the position of associate professor in that group.

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Dr. Guuske Busscher

Guuske holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry complemented with an MBA. She has over 15 years of experience in several multinationals such as Johnson & Johnson, DSM and Aspen, where she evolved from R&D employee (in areas such as medicinal chemistry) to business developer and entrepreneur. Currently, she holds a position within Brightlands MHC as senior business development manager and is co-founder and owner of BioMosae BV.

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Meet our team

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