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Product Engineer

Sensip-dx develops and manufactures a device that measures micro-particles (molecules, bacteria, proteins, vitamins, viruses, et cetera) in liquids (water, blood, urine, milk, egg-white, fruit juices et cetera). We are founded in 2020 as a spin out of the University of Maastricht and are currently transforming this technology into practical applications: with a first focus on development of products for food and feed production.

Sensip-dx is a very fast-growing company and many new products will be launched on short term. This leads to a strong expansion of our activities the next few years. We have an exciting and dynamic working environment and are looking for energetic people to join us building Sensip-dx’ future.

The position

Sensip-dx is expanding its strong team with Product Engineers, who will co-develop and test prototypes of the Sensip-dx new products together with the customers in the market. We are based in Maastricht.

We are looking for this function (full time or part-time) for

- inventive people contributing with ideas in translating our inventions in practical products, which will be tested with the partners we have in the food industry;

- “pitbull behavior” to tackle challenges and not give up until the goals are reached;

- a persistent and endurance attitude to make sure that our products are deeply challenged and optimized in all aspects in our labs, before reaching the market;

- passionate people wanting to eventually see their work in the hands of a customer in the field.

You will work in a small result-oriented team, we have little hierarchy, lots of humor, work hard to get results and celebrate our successes. You maintain close contact and collaborate with the scientific team of the Faculty of Science and Engineering of the Maastricht University and other outsourcing partners.

Taking up also operational tasks is no burden for you.

The person

· Creative / out of the box mentality and a self-starter.

· Education (BSc or MSc) or experience in relevant fields, for instance Biomechanical, Chemical, Electrotechnics, (fine)Mechanics.

· Team player with a result-oriented mentality (getting things done).

· Loving the dynamics of a start-up company where every day is unpredictable.

· Excellent knowledge of the English language.

Sensip-dx has a strong preference for candidates that apply for this function with a short motivation letter indicating why are they interested in the job and why are they suitable for it.

To apply for this exciting role, please send your full CV + motivation letter before 30-10-2021 to Jaap Drenth via and with any questions that you may have

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