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Detecting bacteria
in food ​

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- Distinguish between living and dead bacteria

- Presence and concentration 

- Results in 15 minutes

- No education needed to operate

- Direct connection to your ERP / QMS systems



Sensip-dx is a spinout from the University Maastricht (UM) and our products are based on UM-patents.

The technology uses imprinted polymers, coated on a small metal disk. This sensor detects binding of bacteria using thermal measurements. Sensip-dx will bring this mature technology from the UM-labs next to the food processing floors.

Value Drivers

Value Drivers

In process measure results:

Given the accurate and fast results on the spot, the laboratory is next to your processes. Earlier and more frequent measuring can increase the agility and added value of your processes. We check for contamination during the production process and prevent the end product to be affected.  

Combine with measuring toxic molecules:

With the same device together with measuring bacteria at the same moment, the Sensip-dx product can detect molecules like toxins and residues from antibiotics and crop protection agents.   


Expected market introduction: 2025

Sensip-dx is open to co develop for specific company / process needs and challenges before introducing generic devices in the market.   



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